About John Dowler

Iím among other things a web and print designer living on Bowen Island, near Vancouver, BC. I started photography in school in the seventies. I remember my French teacher pounding on the darkroom door, begging me to come to class. But I didnít have to because of course if I opened the door all my photos would be ruined.

My camera accompanied me through life and around the world. It kind of proved my life. In the meantime Iíve been a musician, goatherd, shop steward, screenwriter, dissident, patient, parent, designer and mugged.

I grew with courses, books, practice and gallery crawls. Iíve worked with computers since the early 80ís, on the web since 95. For me photographs are a wave form of light moving through space, time and media, rather than the printed image. In this sense, photographs and light itself have not changed, just the technology we use to hold and play with them.

John beams