Photographs with questions

I've explored with a camera for about thirty years. Reviewing this work, I've begun to understand the motive force behind photography and particularly what it means to me.

Over thousands of years people have imbued every object we encounter with symbolic meaning. A lion can mean empire. A bee can mean diligence. A shadow can imply a threat. So as we walk through life we experience our environment both as it is, and on another level what it means. Some people read these things as omens. I view them as metaphoric fruit; we can taste the metaphor or ignore it as we please. Photography becomes a way to overcome time and space in order to pursue hidden meaning. But even when the light is frozen, the meaning remains liquid, changing and subjective.

This feeling can evaporate when someone else voices their conclusion as to the meaning of a photograph. I have opinions, but why not explore these images —without me at first.