Photography tech notes

The photographs in these series were taken with 35mm cameras, in slide, negative and digital formats. I’ve had a digital workflow for many years, and finesse images through Photoshop and camera raw where possible. Currently I’m shooting mainly digital in 10 megapixel resolution.

I generally present photos that are created by juxtaposition of found elements in the real world rather than design.

In all but a few of these photos the digital processing helps bring the image closer to the idealized way I experience an actual scene without adding fabrication. Much of the work is in trying to overcome the limitations and personalities of the gear in order to tease out the meaning of the natual scene.

I variously use processing to enhance sharpness, improve tonal range, correct colour balance, eliminate artifacts such as dust and scratches, refine viewing angle and sometimes crop the frame.

Most techniques mirror darkroom processes that have been used for decades. I’m not rules-oriented, so in design work I manipulate photos in any direction I like. But in these photos I’m interested in how life provides moments laden with symbols that influence us on a subliminal level, so finding them in the world helps establish that point.

a young girl waits to perform her first dance