Site tech notes

I design and build websites and this one refects several current waves in the web world. Itís built in standards-compliant CSS/XHTML, with Flash elements. A Flash plugin is required to view the images. The slideshows are Flash elements created with the SlideShowPro extension. They pull conventional jpegs onto the page using an XML document, or PHP/MySQL database. The layout uses tables for width adjustment, which is a little old-fashioned but effective.

The ability to change states in the left panel is controlled with AJAX, and conventional links to each gallery are provided in the main navigation as in some cases javascript is not enabled on the visitorís browsers.

The web is peppered with many ways of displaying images. If you'd like help getting your images online, contact me at


How to work the slideshows

Your keyboard may be used to control buttons in the navigation when the slideshow has focus in the web browser. Focus is enabled by clicking anywhere inside the slideshow.

G: Open/close gallery
N: Hide/show navigation bar
Left arrow: Load previous content
Up arrow: Skip to next content link group
Right arrow: Load next content
Down arrow: Skip to previous content link group
Space Bar: Pause/auto-play playback